Our Services

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    Television Advertisement

    Book advertisement space and time on various Regional and National Channels.
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    Newspaper Advertisement

    Place Classified & Display Advertisements Across Leading Newspapers Instantly.
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    Magazine Advertisement

    Print ads that run in local or national magazines.
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    Advertisement in FM Radio

    Please select the city and station of your choice to see the FM Radio Advertising Card Rate and also best discounted rate.
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    Advertisement in Cinema

    Ads are played either before the start of the movie or during the interval. We provide both OnScreen and OffScreen Cinema Ads.
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    Outdoor Advertisement

    If you need to make a big impact in your local area, outdoor advertising can raise your company's profile and deliver results.

Karan GoomarDirector, Kudos Ayurveda Private Limited

I have worked with the Narayan Bhakti Media Advertising for more than six months and they are incredible. They are expert advisors on media planning and buying. They take extra steps to ensure our messages are reaching the right audiences the right number of times and that our budget is well spent. Thanks to Mr. Desh Deepak Mishra.


Durgesh SharmaAdminration Manager, Badeka TeleShop

I tell other business owners, if you want advertising and marketing that’s done right, and a truly dedicated team of professionals, you need to work with Narayan Bhakti Media Advertising. They know the market, they care about their clients, and they work hard for them…they truly go above and beyond and care about your business. Thanks to Mr. Desh Deepak Mishra.

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